Imran ul Haq

Professional Memberships

Fellow Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan

Area of expertise

Mr. Haq is partner in Islamabad Office of NJMI. He provides a wide range of professional services to his clients, that include Audits (internal and external and special audits), taxation (individual and corporate, income tax, wealth tax and sales tax), Corporate services under the Companies Ordinance 1984, and Consultancies which include Human Resource management, recruitment, and training, Investigations, system studies, development of systems manuals, record/book keeping, due diligence for acquisitions and mergers, preparation of financial feasibilities, share valuations, fixed assets valuations, income estimations for consumer loans for banks, etc.

Mr. Haq has acted as an Independent Consultant for World Bank for carrying out study of the systems of the self-accounting units within the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Railways of the Government of Pakistan as a part of Country Financial Accountability Assessment (CFAA) program. He has also acted as an Independent Consultant for Technical Assistance Management Agency to design a training program for the staff engaged in budget execution, of Ministry of Health and Ministry of Population Welfare of the Government of Pakistan. This training was a part of the overall CFAA implementation program.

Professional Experience

1990-94 Completed audit training from Amir Alam Khan & Co., chartered accountants.
1994-95 Manager with Amir Alam Khan & Co., chartered accountants.
1996-98 Senior Manager with Riaz Ahmad & Co., chartered accountants.
1998-04 Partner with S. Zafar Shah Naveed Imran & Co., chartered accountants.
2004 to date Partner with Nasir Javed Maqsood Imran, chartered accountants

Social Services

Mr. Haq has been voluntary teaching advanced financial accounting and taxation to the students desirous of becoming chartered accountant, organized at ICAP Islamabad (from 1997 to 1999), Capital College of Finance and Accountancy, Rawalpindi (from 1999 to 2004), a college registered with ICAP, and is now the proprietor/sponsor of Imran College of Accountancy, Rawalpindi.

Mr. Haq provides career counseling to the students desirous of entering into the field of professional accountancy