Forensic Investigations

It is not surprising if an organization finds itself subject to a fraud or misrepresentation by someone within the management itself or by a third party. Such incidences happen when excessive powers are vested in the hands of one level of authority, and/or due to inadequate controls that lead to collusion between personnel or between the representative(s) of the management and a third party providing services to the organization.

NJMI has a team of professionals having the relevant expertise and experience of performing investigations. These include:

· Carrying out investigative financial audits of the organization itself for the purposes of determining the extent of fraud and quantifying the amount

· Carrying out investigative systems audits within the organization in order to determine the level of misuse of authorities

· Carrying out investigate audits of third parties on behalf of the organization under the legal requirements e.g. for arbitration

· Carrying out investigations for government authorities